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Fire Pits & Camp Fires

A fire pit is an open burning bowl, whereas a Chiminea is built with a chimney. The outdoor fireplace products on the market that have mesh wrap-arounds, multi openings or bowl designs should be considered Fire Pits. There are many Fire Pits incorrectly advertised as Chimineas, but they are not Chimineas. A Chiminea will have a flue or chimney that drafts properly much like an indoor fireplace. The drafting on a Chiminea naturally brings fresh air into the fire and directs smoke up, away from guests.

Fire Pits have a tendency to be hard to light and smoke and smolder due to not having a neck or flue for proper drafting. Fire pits also have safety concerns regarding the possibility of a sudden gust of wind blowing embers into dry grass, deck, or a neighbors property. Traditional design Chimineas will get used more often than Fire Pits due to easy lighting and ability to be lit in windy conditions. Anyone who has experienced burning in a Chiminea and compared it to a Fire Pit will choose a Chiminea as the superior design.

Camp Fires are difficult to get started unless you’re using lighter fluid or seasoned wood. Fires are much easier to start if you build high walls around your camp fire to shield it from the wind. This will also help keep smoke, ash, and cinders from blowing around during sudden wind gusts.