Fireplaces And Indoor Wood Stoves

Fireplaces & Indoor Wood Stoves

Indoor Wood Stoves and Fireplaces need to burn fully seasoned wood to prevent Creosote buildup – Seasoned Oak is the best. Our Premium Seasoned Oak was split last Winter and has been shed-stored for at least 9 months. Split & Cut 16″

The most important way to assure little or no smoke is to use dry, well-seasoned hardwood. Wood with high moisture content creates more smoke. Wood usually takes nine months or longer to become dry enough for use as heating fuel.

There are several things to do for your fireplace or wood stove to continue burning cleanly, efficiently, and safely. Never use evergreen wood from Pines or Spruces because they contain a large amount of the resins that can cause chimney fires. Other advice to keep stoves and fireplaces safe:

  • Do not burn treated wood. It has chemicals added that can cause damage to the catalytic converters in newer stoves. Remove excess ash from vents and hearth to optimize the fuel/air ratio.
  • Do not use a wood stove or fireplace to burn trash. Inspect the stove and chimney yearly and have chimney cleansed as needed.