Outdoor Wood Stove

Outdoor Wood Stoves & Furnaces

Outdoor Wood Stoves can burn just about anything. They still build up Creosote, but are easily cleaned. We recommend partially seasoned Pine, Poplar, Sweet Gum, or Maple. Seasoned Firewood makes getting a fire started much easier; usually without using any lighter fluid or other harmful chemicals. Our Premium Firewood is split and seasoned for up to 9 months. Split & Cut 16″

Firewood that is fully dried yields the most heat and is the safest to burn. Firewood should be fully seasoned to completely dried out under a shelter for at least 9 months. Trees cut for firewood this summer will be ready to burn this winter if they are properly split, dried, and seasoned. Dry wood burns efficiently, has fewer insect problems, and will minimize creosote accumulation in your chimney.

Ants, termites, other insects and mice can be a problem if firewood is stored too close to the house, or if infested wood is brought inside. To keep ants, termites, other insects and mice way, firewood should be stored outdoors away from the house and under a shelter or tarp. Keep firewood dry, off the ground, and stacked so air can circulate through the ranks. Avoid storing firewood in the forest where wood-eating insects can infest the logs.